The KLAM Retarder provides a higher safety on the road, savings in service brakes, driving comfort and respects the environment. After almost a 60 years’ experience, we have improved the performance of all type of commercial and industrial vehicles. Here you can see all its applications.




Ambulances are special vehicles that need to move at a high speed and, at the same time, provide the highest possible comfort and safety to its patients. TheKLAM Retarders enhance the safety of these vehicles on the road and, unlike other competitors, work silently and without vibrations, being positively valued both by drivers and patients.

Fire Engines are another type of emergency vehicle where KLAM Retarders are especially useful. Due to the high tension supported by its brakes, our retarders achieve an absorption up to 85% of the brake load, which implies sound savings and a higher safety.


There’s a wide variety of special vehicles which are designed and built to perform complex works. When we talk about this type of vehicles, we are pointing out at garbage trucks, armoured cars, mobile cranes, mining vehicles, concrete mixers, farming tractors; These vehicles are characterized by its big weight and size, being of vital importance to count on with a reliable, efficient and long-lasting auxiliary brake system as the KLAM Retarder.


In this section we include buses, minibuses, caravans, vans and sprinters. For this type of vehicles is essential to count on with a reliable brake system which provides, apart from savings, a total safety on the road. Main passenger transport bodywork builders and specialized workshops trust on KLAM Retarder. We offer a wide variety of models depending on the vehicle size and the available space for the installation.


The KLAM Retarder is the best option for all those delivery lorries, public works trucks, materials transportation, dangerous goods trucks…; The KLAM technology is designed to keep the electromagnetic brake always cold and to absorb up to 85% of the brake load. Thus, the KLAM Retarder provides an extra support should the friction brakes fail. It’s especially useful in terrains with a high slope, where the service brakes fatigue is higher.


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