Brake dynamometer

Brake dynamometer, also known as “Power Absorber Unit” allows for measuring the engine torque, braking capacity and vehicle emissions.

The KLAM electric retarder can be used as well in different types of dynamometers such as; engine dynamometers, test benches, roller dyno, hub dyno, chassis dyno … The product manufactured for this type of applications is known as “Power Absorber Unit” (PAU). The range of retarders designed for these dynos are the CFK Series retarders which can be manufactured with coupling flanges or with different shafts sizes, as per the client requirements.

Due to its excellent performance, and to the fact that they don’t need a periodical maintenance, the KLAM electric retarder is the best option for any company or individual who wants to start any kind of dynamometrical project.


KLAM Retarders, world’s most powerful

Thanks to our 60 years’ experience and our continuous innovations in R&D, we have achieved to develop the highest braking torque retarders in the market. Moreover, we offer the widest range of retarders, which goes from 27Nm up to 4660Nm. This way, we can recommend you the ideal retarder model for your test bench or dynamometer.


  • Available voltages: 12V, 24V, 96V and 192V.
  • Several axe sizes.
  • Several types of inertia.
  • Usable in high RPMs.
  • High speed special bearings for demanding applications.
> Custom and quality manufacturing

KLAM absorbers (Retarder) are custom made with the highest quality and built to customers specific requirements. We take pride in ourselves to design and manufacture shafts and flywheels depending on each dynamometer project. The IATF 16949: 2016 certification, guarantees that our absorbers and all their accessories are manufactured using the highest quality and materials standard during its manufacturing process.

We provide various types of flywheels with different weights and dimensions depending on the requirement of each client. The shaft is machined in each flywheel specified by the customer with the completed set precisely balanced.

Choose the most adequate brake dynamometer

We know that the needs of each dynamometer application are different and that’s why we give a personalized service to each enquiry received. Our Commercial Team, along with our Engineering Team, will study your particular case and will inform and advice you about the most appropriated KLAM Retarder for the project you’ve got in mind.

In order to choose the most suitable KLAM Retarder for your application, we need to know 3 fundamental data:


Maximum power of the vehicles that will be tested in your test bench.


RPMs involved in the tests.


Duration of the tests.



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