Commercial and industrial vehicles

60 years improving the performance and increasing the safety for transporting goods in any type of industrial and commercial vehicles.

The KLAM retarder provides a higher level of safety on the road, cost savings on brake maintance and reducing brake dust emission making it environmentally friendly. It also adds comfort and security to the driver knowing that the retarder will add a second layer of braking to the vehicle. We offer a wide variety of models that are matched to the vehicle specification and application. It is independent of the transmission or engine and can be installed in most new and already in service vehicles.




Ambulances run at high speeds and at the same time need to provide maximum patient comfort and be as safe as possible. The KLAM electromagnetic braking system improves the safety on the road and, different from the exhaust and engine brake, works without making noise, which is positively appreciated by the driver and patient. In these vehicles normally CFK Series electromagnetic brakes>strong> are installed.

Fire Engines are another type of emergency vehicle in which the KLAM electric brake is especially useful. Conventional brakes on these vehicles need assistance, mainly because of higher horse power engines and higher GVWR ratings. Our electric retarders provide up to 85% of the initial braking prior to the foundation brakes making contact. In other words, the retarder does most of the braking. The result is lower brake maintance costs, reduction in down time and elimination of overheating the foundation brakes.


KLAM braking system is well applied to special vehicles that don’t have as their main purpose hauling goods or passengers over the road. There are a wide variety of vehicles which are designed to perform specialized activities. When we talk about this type of vehicles, we refer to garbage trucks, armoured vehicles, mobile cranes, mining vehicles, agriculture tractors…
The chassis of these vehicles vary significantly depending on its working area. That’s why at KLAM we offer a wide range of magnetic brakes with different installation options. As well, we manufacture coupling systems and electronic accessories that assure a correct connection between the electric retarder and the vehicle are synchronized.


Both, companies and drivers of vehicles dedicated to the transportation of people, such as buses, minibuses, caravans, vans and sprinters, consider it essential to rely on an auxiliary braking system that is efficient, reliable and long-lasting that guarantees a total safety when driving.
Manufacturers, body builders and fleet operators of commercial vehicles, normally install KLAM retarders on the transmission due to the lack of space in the driveline.


The KLAM retarder is the best option for all those trucks dedicated to distribution, public works trucks, dangerous goods, materials, concrete mixers… KLAM braking system is designed to make the electromagnetic brake to absorb the braking weight and to keep the service brakes cool. Especially beneficial in mountainous regions where the brakes wear in these vehicles is higher.
We offer a wide variety of models depending on the vehicle size and the available space for installation.


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