Wind Turbine Brake

KLAM Retarders are used as a wind turbine brake in extreme weather conditions.

As when installing in a heavy vehicle, CFK Series electromagnetic brakes can be coupled to the axle that connects the turbine to the blades. When the electric current is applied to the stator, we create a magnetic field that penetrate the rotors, resulting in a opposite force that slows down the rotors.
In other words, our product will maintain the blades rotation at its nominal speed, increasing its operational range without a higher mechanical wear of the device. This higher operational range means an increase in the productivity, with the subsequent improvement in the economic and environmental results associated to the device.

The main benefit of using a KLAM retarder in a wind turbine is the ability to maintain a constant blade speed achieving the non-disconnect of the device when high wind gusts are present. Normally this equipment is stopped from operating due to the high risk it faces, thus our braking system provides an added value, verified by manufacturers: improvement on safety and productivity.

We offer a wide range of models with different weights and dimensions depending on the wind turbine size and the space available for installation.

We are proud to contribute our technology and knowledge to the exciting world of renewable energy. We pledge to continue investigating and be open to future entrepreneurs that would help achieve our goal to develop a better electromagnetic brake for the purpose of creating a more ecological and sustainable society.



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