Quality Policy

KLAM RETARDER Quality Policy is focused on the fulfilment of the demands and expectations of is clients and other pertinent involved parties. This is a key condition to keep the company success, being vital the direct participation of all the functional areas.

From an internal point of view, the Quality Policy is focused on the improvement of the company management and to qualify regarding quality management, set against tested references and work systems.

The spirit of the continuous improvement and the will to adapt to changes will be the means for a more increasingly efficient use of the resources.

As well, it is a fundamental compromise for KLAM RETARDERS to continuously improve in everything related with the Quality System: increasing the clients and related third parties satisfaction, improving the efficacy of our production system and the efficiency of our work, not forgetting the improvement of the safety in the working stations and the comply with the legal requirements applicable.

All the above together will make our company more and more competitive, let us fulfil the expectations of our clients and to be able to increase our market and to enter new ones.

This management, completely committed with this Quality Policy states:

Its total support to all those actions having an impact on Quality and Labour Risks Prevention.