• What is a Eddy Current Brake?

  • What is a Eddy Current Brake?

  • What is a Eddy Current Brake?

The Eddy Current Brake is an auxiliary braking system that improves the safety on the road and provides savings on the service brakes.

The KLAM retarder technology is based in the Foucault’s Law (Eddy Current Brake) and its well know brake effect. Basically, it’s a stator with coils (fix part) and self-ventilated rotors (moving part). When an electric current is applied to the stator, a field of magnetic force lines is produced, penetrating the rotors and creating the Foucault currents (resulting in a force that opposes the spinning rotors). The force brakes the vehicle without friction or wear, and the absorbed energy (Heat) is dissipated into the atmosphere by means of the spinning rotors.

Different from other braking systems such as the engine brake or the integrated hydraulic brake, the Eddy Current brake can be installed in a wide range of commercial or industrial vehicle, no matter if its new or pre-owned. Depending on the type of chassis and available space, the installation can be done in the driveline, on a transmission or on a rear axle. In addition, due to its modular construction, the KLAM retarder does not require an extensive maintance program, only a periotic inspection to assure an average life cycle of 15 years.




  • Up to 85% of braking is handled by the Eddy Current Brake.
  • The KLAM retarder starts braking prior to the foundation brakes.
  • Foundation brakes stay cool reducing the risk of brake fade.
  • Braking distance is greatly reduced.


  • Up to 7X increase in brake life (Foundation Brakes).
  • 20% in rim.
  • 2% in fuel.
  • Travel times are greatly reduced.
  • Reduction in vehicle down time.
  • Reduced maintenance cost.


  • KLAM is a frictionless brake system. No rubbing, and it is self-cooled.
  • Does not require lubricant changes as required in a hydraulic retarder.
  • Greatly reduces the amount of brake dust discharged in the environment as well as reduces greenhouse effect.

The KLAM Eddy Current Brake, without regard to the kind of vehicle in which it is mounted, is able to handle up to 85% of the braking. Braking always first, it enables the foundation brakes to remain cool reducing the risk of brake fade and causing a potential catastrophic accident. Also, the braking distance is significative reduced which is especially useful in emergency situations where the driver has to act quickly.

Study made by the University of Utah (USA) comparing the number of braking cycles vs retarding value and service brakes use. This confirms that the electromagnetic brake is the best system to extend brake life and is more effective compared to the hydraulic or engine brake systems.

The braking distance of any type of vehicle is greatly reduced if it is equipped with a KLAM electromagnetic retarder.


The Eddy Current Brake provides up to 85% of the braking, greatly reducing the wear of the vehicle’s foundation brakes. Using the electromagnetic brake also provides savings on tires and fuel. Another benefit to considered, is that maintenance costs and the vehicle down time is greatly reduced.

The multiple tests made indicates that installing a KLAM retarder can extend the service brake life up to 7 times.

Environmentally safe

Vehicle foundation braking contribute to pollutants in the air and is a concerning issue with today’s public. Why? Traditional brake pads used in all vehicles emit fine particles that are harmful to both the environment and people.

Unlike foundation brakes, the KLAM electromagnetic braking system is based on the induction principle, so it has no friction and does not emit these fine particles that pollute the air and harm public health.

Because the KLAM retarder comes on prior to the foundation brakes it provides up to 85% of the vehicle braking leaving 15% of the remaining braking to the foundation brakes. As a consequence, and according to the latest studies, a vehicle equipped with a KLAM retarder reduces the emission of fine particles by 85%. This improvement in air quality is a benefit to urban areas, where vehicles stop more frequently and travel at lower speeds.

This confirms that, unlike service or conventional brakes and other auxiliary braking systems that require lubricant changes, the KLAM Eddy Current Brake is the best and most effective system for reducing environmental pollutants.


Due to our 59 years of experience and the continuous R&D innovations, we have developed the KLAM retarder to produce the highest rated torque capabilities of all the electric brake manufacturers in the market. We offer retarders with 16, 8 and even 6 coils and are applicable to the driveline, gear box or rear axle. We offer, as well, competitive dimensions, weight and electrical consumptions.

The KLAM Eddy Current Brake is designed and manufactured with the most demanding standards and homologations, making our product efficient, safe and long-lasting. Due to the quality of materials and its modular construction, maintenance is not required.

With the cooperation of our subsidiary company, AM LIGHTING, (experts in the design and production of lighting systems and electronic components) we are able to design and produce all the control systems that guarantee the compatibility between the Eddy Current Brake and the vehicle.

Because of all the above and our customer care, flexibility, adaptability and promptness in solving problems, KLAM is considered number one in the customer´s mind.



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