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What is a Klam retarder

The KLAM retarder technology is based on the Foucault law (Eddy current brake) and its known braking effect. Basically, it is made up of a Stator with coils (fixed part) and two vented rotors (moving part).

When an electric current is applied to the stator, a magnetic field passes thru the spinning rotors to develop Eddy Currents. The faster the rotors spin the more power is generated.




  • Up to 7X increase in brake life (Foundation Brakes).
  • 20% in rim.
  • 2% in fuel.
  • Travel times are greatly reduced.
  • Reduction in vehicle down time.
  • Reduced maintenance cost.


  • Up to 85% of braking is handled by ElectroMagnetic Brake Retarder. Brake shoes stay cool and greatly reduce risk of brake fade.
  • Stopping distance is reduced by half.


  • Complete absence of friction.
  • No friction. No maintenance.
  • Participates actively in the reduction of greenhouse emissions.

This study by the University of Utah (USA)shows the brake applications versus the retardation value and brake wear.

It confirms that electro magnetic retarders are best suitable to prevent brake wear and most effective compared to hydraulic - or engine brake concepts.

Multiple tests made show that installing a KLAM electromagnetic retarder may prolong the brake life up to 7 times.

The braking distance of any type of vehicle (commercial and industrial) is reduced by almost half the path if the vehicle uses a KLAM retarder.


Thanks to our 58 years of experience and continuous R&D innovations, we are known globally as a leader in manufacturing one of the best electromagnetic retarders available in the market. Besides offering competitive dimensions, weights and electric consumptions, the KLAM product range is available with 16, 8 and even 6 coils applicable to the transmission gear box or rear axle.

The KLAM Retarders are designed and manufactured according to the most demanding standards and certifications, making our product effective, safe and long-lasting. Due to the quality of the materials used in its manufacturing and its “close” construction, there is no maintenance needed.

Therefore, and because of our Customer care, flexibility, adaptability and speed in the resolution of problems, KLAM has become number one in customers’ mind.



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